The Great Scavenger Hunt at the NYS Fair

The Great Scavenger Hunt at the NYS Fair The Ultimate State Fair Experience
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About NY State Fair Scavenger Hunt

The Ultimate State Fair Experience! 

Participate in the largest scavenger hunt ever at the Great NYS Fair. Complete challenges, build points & win daily prizes.  Compete for the big $$$ grand prize winner announced on the last day of the Fair. The person with the most points wins!!


    $6 Pre-sale            $10 After 8/23   

Already have your fair ticket? Play for $5  

Purchase additional Fair Tickets for only $6


Starts at:  August 23, 2017 7:00 AM
Ends at:  September 3, 2017 10:59 PM


New York State Fair
581 State Fair Boulevard
Syracuse,NY 13209 USA


Great Scavenger Hunt Support
Join the Ultimate New York State Fair experience. Instead of leaving the Great New York State Fair with an empty wallet, you can take on a challenge to win a big-money grand prize for the same price of your entry ticket. 

The sooner you register, the sooner you can start earning points and get a leg up on the competition! Earn points for recruiting others to join the hunt and social sharing. Once the Fair opens, you'll earn even more points for all of the photo and trivia activities you complete. 

Daily winners will be announced Monday - Friday live on WSYR's Bridge Street.

Daily Prize Winners

Grand Prize Winner:


Second Place Winner:MIKE BILODEAU!

Third Place Winner:CRISTINA DE MOYA!!


Daily Prize Winners:
Sept 3 - Kallie McGrath

Kallie McGrath Photo

Sept 2 - Laura McGetrick

Sept 1 - Kathleen De Moya

Aug 31 - Diane Cross

Diane Cross Photo

Aug 30 - Dawn Maher

Aug 29 - Melissa Castor

Melissa Castor Photo

Aug 28 - Cassia Chapman

Aug 27 - Nina Em Oya

Nina Em Oya Photo

Aug 26 - Rylee Piedmonte

Aug 25 - Stacy Spears

Aug 24- Josh Drace

Aug 23- Mike Jones Bilodeau

Congratulations to all of our daily winners. 

Why Join the Hunt?

You'll enjoy a fun adventure, compete for daily prizes and discover some cool spots at the fair you've never visited before.
You're already at the Fair why not have a chance of winning something HUGE!
Still need convincing? Here are 10 other reasons that may compel you:
1. You’ve been looking for a way to show off your New York State Fair trivia knowledge.
2. You need to boost your step count to beat everyone in your office fitness challenge.
3. Food, drinks and fair games all day long!
4. You’re ruthlessly competitive, but not a monster. Victory feels better when it’s for a good cause.
5. The possibility of eternal glorious bragging rights.
6. It won’t even feel like exercise, but you will feel like a champion.
7. Who doesn't want a chance to win big money.
8. It’s nice to go for a walk without picking up after your dog.
9. You love New York #FindYourGreat #ILoveNY
10. Support  your local community, they need your help

Your Donations Support

It's not just a Scavenger Hunt; it's supporting your community. The funds raised help ACR Health open doors for clients and enhance the wellbeing of all.

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